Current processing time is 1-2 business days! FREE SHIPPING in the U.S.
Current processing time is 1-2 business days! FREE SHIPPING in the U.S.
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Custom Orders

Welcome to Kiwi Ann Custom order page!

We do custom orders for any of our products and below you can find more information regarding what you are looking for!


What do we do custom orders for?



-Bridal Shower's

-Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties

Or any event you would like!!


Minimum Purchase Amount for Each Product:

-Artisan or All Natural Soap: 10 full size bars (1" thick) or 20 half size bars (1/2" thick)

-Bath Bomb Rounds: 8 Xlarge (2.75"), 10 Large (2.5"), 12 Small (2.25") or 15 Mini (1.75") *Other bath bomb shapes may be requested.

-Sugar Scrubs: 10 (6 oz) or 8 (8oz)

-Lip Balms: 12 (0.15oz) tubes

-Shampoo Bars: 5 (2oz) bars

*There is no max purchase amount, although each product must stay in increments of the minimum purchase amount.  


Custom Order Time Frame:

-Artisan or All Natural Soap: 6-8 week advance notice. This is due to a mandatory curing stage we allow our soaps to go through. This guarantees a harder and longer lasting bar so you can enjoy it as long as possible!

-Bath Bombs: 1-3 weeks. This is dependent on the amount of bath bombs requested.  

-Sugar Scrubs: 5-7 business days.

- Lip Balms: 1-2 weeks. Dependent on the need to order custom flavors. 

-Shampoo Bars: 1-2 weeks


Colors and scents:

Kiwi Ann allows for a large space for custom orders in which we love our customers to design and have freedom over the colors and scents of their products. While we do have a wide range of colors and scents, we do not carry everything. Therefore, timing above may change due to requesting custom scents or colors.


Pricing will vary between each product and the amount of product requested. Pricing will also be subject to change due to ordering scents and or colors we do not keep in stock. Kiwi Ann works their hardest to ensure the best quality products that are skin safe and are tested for use in each product.


Due to a completely custom order process, we currently take all custom orders through email. This allows our team to connect one on one with you to ensure we can create exactly what you are wanting!

Please email with all details of what you want for your custom order and we will start planning ASAP!


Thank you!! xoxo -Kaylee